How to reach Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh India

Sanchi is 48.3 km from Bhopal, which is very well connected to the rest of India. Your own vehicle is not a must, as any buses going to Ashta from Bhopal can drop you within half a kilometre of the village. And everything, including the site and the lodging facilities, is within 1 square kilometre. Also, the Sanchi railway station is very close to the village.

Airways -

The closest airport is at Bhopal, roughly 40 km away from Sanchi. From here, one has the option of travelling by road or rail to reach Sanchi.

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Railways -

The closest station to Sanchi is Vidisha. There is a well maintained railway network between Sanchi and Bhopal, and Bhopal in turn is fairly well connected to all major rail routes in the country.You can also reach Vidisha Station. Distance between Vidisha and Sanchi is 8.6 km. It is less known but located very near to Sanchi. Distance between Sanchi Stupa and Sanchi Railway Station is 1.3 km.

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Roadways -

Sanchi is easily accessible by road from Bhopal, lying on the Bhopal – Sagar highway. Bhopal has a good network of functional road routes leading up to it from other prominent locations of the country around it.

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