Tourist places nearby Ladakh, Jammu Kashmir India

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Around 400 km away, Kashmir is the home of many magnificent sights and spectacular landscape. One can find the famous Mughal Gardens here. Kashmir is also one of the sites of great reverence to the Buddhist faith, having played a vital yet turbulent role during the formative history of the philosophy.

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Vale of Kashmir

Vale of Kashmir is a UNESCO world heritage site known for its flower gardens and natural beauty.

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Kargil is famous battle field of India. It has many parts occupied by Pakistan. It is base of Indian army.


Leh is near Ladakh. It is known for many ancient Buddhist monasteries. It offers lots of adventure sports options and good for summer vacations with family and frieds.

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Manali is the starting point for journey to Ladakh. Manali is beautiful city with beautiful apple orchards, green gardens, mountain, valleys dotted with cottages and much more.


Shimla in Himachal Pradesh has been summer capital for British. It has many famous buildings of British age. It is known for its association with Tibetan Buddhist Leader Dalai Lama. It has many ancient Buddhist monasteries. It offers lots of adventure activities like paragliding, rapids, river rafting, bungee jumping and much more.


Dharmshala is home of His Holiness Dalai Lama. It is also known for many Buddhist Monasteries, beautiful scenic beauty, British Era Buildings and temples. It is home to Best Buddhist Monasteries in India likeNamgyal Monastery.

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Lahaul and Spiti Valley:

Lahaul and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh gives opportunity to explore many high peaks, valleys, adventurous sports, cultural landscape, Buddhism, Spirituality and much more.Spiti Valley is known as a world within world due to its unique and distant culture. It is known for many Buddhist Monasteries like Tabo, Kibber, Gue, Dhankar and KyeMonastery.

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