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The famous Griddhakuta Hill, or “Vulture Hill”, is located in Rajgir. It was one of the Buddha’s favourite places to meditate. It was also here that the Magadha Emperor Bimbisara was converted to the faith by the Buddha himself. You can visit Bimbisar Prison , Venuvanam and Vishwa Shanti Stupa . The merchant community residing in the area is said to have undergone a mass conversion to Buddhism upon his arrival. Shortly after the Buddha, it evolved into a flourishing monastery.

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Kushinagar is the site the lord Gautama Buddha chose for the attainment of parinirvana, and as a result, holds great importance for the patrons of the Buddhist faith. Examples of historical Buddhist presence here include the Ramabhar Stupa , which is believed to be the site where the Buddha’s body was cremated, and the Mahaparinirvana Temple , which was built by the Indian government in 1956 to commemorate the passing of 2500 years since the Buddha attained nirvana, among others. Kushinagar is located approximately 230 km away from Patna.


A highly revered site in the Buddhist faith, Vaishali is where the Buddha spent many years of his life, including the first five outside of princely luxury. It is also the place where the Buddha, in addition to many others, delivered his last sermon ever before announcing his departure from his earthly form within the next three months. There are several noteworthy Buddhist architectural efforts of interest to be found here, including an Ashokan pillar, the Vishwa Stupa, and the Buddha Stupa. The distance from Patna to Vaishali is roughly 65 km.

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Bodhgaya, where prince Siddhartha became Buddha. Lies 10 kms away from another sacred Hindu city; Gaya ( gone ), the city where ghosts get rid of this life. Situated on the bank of river Niranjana, a small village, slowly getting converted to a real multinational / multi monastic zone city where one can find either monasteries from many Buddhist countries – Thai, Myanmar, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam , Laos, Tibet, Nepal and many more or the hotels ( about 100 hotels, guest houses or dharmshalas ) and shops to supply everything to every one – handicrafts, decorative items, flowers, food, vegetables anything you need at a place like this pilgrims as well as tourist place

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Nalanda is ancient Buddhist learning centre visited by Chinese Travelers Fa-Shien and Huen Tsang. It houses ancient Nalanda University Complex and museum having rich resources of history found in excavations. It is Buddhist Pilgrimage in India.

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Gol Ghar Patna
Gol Ghar Patna
Khuda Baksh Library
Khuda Baksh Library
Patna Museum
Patna Museum
Lauria Nandangarh
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