Losar Tibet New Year Festival Package

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Losar Tibet New Year Festival Package

Duration : 06 Nights / 07 Days
Destination : Lhasa


  • Day 1 :

    Arrive in Lhasa airport

    Pickup and transfer to your hotel, in the afternoon visit to Nrophuk link park – the summer palce for former Dalai lama.

  • Day 2 , 3 :


    In the morning visit Sera monastery, Chaqi monastery, Nechung monastery and Visit Potala Palace, Jokhang temple and Ramoche temple.

  • Day 4 :


    Today is our Tibetan New Year day, The Tibetan calendar comes from 1027.A.D. The first day of the first month of the Tibetan calendar became New Year’s Day. This is the most grand and important festival in Tibet. According to the custom of tiebtan of which to do praying at the first day of the year, alomst all peopel will gather to Jorkhang temple to pray for a new start of a year; In the afternoon, visit to Drepung monastery. Drepung once housed 10,000 monks, If we’re lucky, we’ll quietly ease into a dark columned hall to see and hear the lilting, booming chanting of the sutras, or perhaps sit under a willow tree and watch as the monks engage in theatrical debate.

  • Day 5 :


    Lhasa to Drak Yerpa cave and back to Lhasa: Drak Yerpa cave: Built on a hillside with more than 80 meditation caves, Drak Yerpa is described as the “life tree” or spiritual axis of Lhasa. The site had a powerful spiritual heritage, having been visited by Songsten Gampo, Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tsoygel, Padampa Sanggye, and Asisha. It was the home of several hundred hermits, monks, and nuns. Tucci in 1949 describes it:

    “Yerpa appeared suddenly before my eyes as a bend of the road, a cascade of small white buildings along steep overgrown cliffs. One could have thought one was not in Tibet. Giant junipers and tufts of rhododendron topped a thick tangle of undergrowth, brushwood and grass victoriously fighting the hard barrenness of rocks. The cliffs were riddled with burrows and caves, some of which were so high up on the fact of the abrupt hill that it would have been risky to climb them.”

    For those with a particular interest in Tibetan Buddhism, Drak Yerpa hermitage is one of the holiest cave retreats in Ü region. Many ascetics have sojourned here and contributed to the area’s great sanctity. The site is deeply peaceful and has stunning views.

  • Day 6 :


    Lhasa to Samding and return to Lhasa: Like mountains, lakes are considered sacrosanct by the Tibetan people. Yamdrok Lake is one of four such holy lakes, the others being Lhamo La-tso, Namtso and Manasarovar. It is revered as a talisman and is said to be part of the life-spirit of the Tibetan nation. The largest lake in southern Tibet, it is said that if its waters dry, Tibet will no longer be habitable. The lake has nine islands, of which one houses the famous Samding Monastery. This monastery is interesting, as it is the only Tibetan monastery to be headed by a female re-incarnation. Since it is not a nunnery, its female abbot heads a community of about thirty monks.

  • Day 7 :

    Lhasa to the airport for departure.

    Lhasa to the airport for departure.

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Note: This Trip can be Customized according to your Requirements. If you wish. Please Email:- buddhistpackages@gmail.com us with any questions or comments.

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