Weather and Climate forecast of Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh, India

Kushinagar is located in Uttar Pradesh state in India. So it experiences majorly 3 weathers winter, summer and monsoon.

Cimate of Kushinagar

  • Winter-October to March
  • Summer-April to June and
  • Monsoon-July to September

Best Time to visit Kushinagar :

October to March

Temperature in Kushinagar 25°C - 30°C

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The area has a subtropical climate, which receives a hot and dry summer season between April and June. The winters last from November till February, and may get a little chilly in the evenings, though the days remain pleasant. The monsoon season occurs between June and September, and fluctuates erratically between slow drizzle and torrential rains, and although this adds an indisputable value to the scenic beauty of the landscape, it may disrupt vacationing ease.

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