Nearby Tourist places of Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh India

The towns located in the vicinity of Kushinagar are Kasia, Deoria and Faizilnagar. Faizilnagar is an important site for Jainism, and is located merely 16 km south east of Kushinagar. It is said to be the Mahaparinirvana site of the Lord Mahavira, founder of the Jainism in India.


Bodhgaya is near Kushinagar which is place of enlightenment of Buddha . You can visit here Mahabodhi Temple and Bodhi Tree , Sujata village, dungeshwari Cave Temples and many other places related to Lord Buddha.

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Lumbini is in Nepal which is near Kushinagar via Gorakhpur. It is place of birth of Lord Buddha


Nalanda is ancient the place of Buddhist learning. It was visited by Xuan Zang, the Chinese traveler who had described it to be a flourishing university at that time which housed nearly 10,000 scholars and students.

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Sarnath is the place of first sermon of Buddha . You can explore here Buddha Temple , Dhamek Stupa , Chaukhandi Stupa , Deer park , Sarnath Museum, Mulagandh Kuti Vihar and many other places related to life of Buddha.


Rajgir is the place where Lord Buddha spent his rainy year. It is the ancient capital of Magadh Empire which flourished at the time of Buddha. Sites to explore here are Bimbisar Prison , Venuvaranam , Griddhakuta and Vishwa Shanti Sutpa . Rajgir is especially known for Rajgir Dance Festival.

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Buddha Museum
Mahaparinirvana Temple
Mahaparinirvana Temple
Rambhar Stupa
Rambhar Stupa
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