Tourist places nearby Lauria Nandangarh in Bihar India

Bodhgaya :

Bodhgaya is major Buddhist Tourist attraction in India. It is place of Enlightenment of Lord Buddha . It is world known for its Mahabodhi Temple and Mahabodhi Tree .

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Rajgir :

Rajgir is known for its famous Rajgir Festival. It has been ancient capital of Magadh Empire. It is place of rainy season stay and preaching of Lord Buddha.


Vaishali was the capital of Lichhavi clan in ancient times. It is a major Buddhist Tourist place.

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Champaran is world known historical place where Mahatma Gandhi launched his famous Champaran Satyagrah. It is the nearest railway station of Lauria Nandangarh .


Kesaria is another major Buddhist attraction nearby Lauria Nandangarh.

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