About Gautam Buddha-Important events in life of Lord Buddha

Gautam Buddha-Important events in life of Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha also called Siddharth and Gautama is at the centre of Buddhism. Buddhism was brought to the world by a man called Siddhartha Gautama, more commonly referred to as Gautama Buddha. The term “Buddha” means the “Awakened one” or “Enlightened One”. The Buddha lived and taught his philosophy in the eastern part of the subcontinent, in what is generally agreed to be the time period between the 4th and 6th century BCE.

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Here is a brief description of early life, quest for enlightenment, his becoming of Buddha (getting salvation), and Mahaparinirvana.

Early Life of Gautama Buddha

The level of detail on the life of the Buddha remains too ambiguous to compile an indisputable biography. Based on the time of composition and the sects they were conceived by, accounts vary on the more intricate historical facts defining the life of the Buddha.

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Quest for Enlightenment:

From these masters he attained proficiency the meditative process. However, his interactions with these masters disappointed him in his quest for a permanent end to suffering, and so he continued looking. The next approach he experimented with was that of extreme asceticism, a practice common among the Shramanas. This direction of pursuit too soon failed him. Moving on to different alternatives, anapanasati meditation was what delivered him with the philosophy of the Middle Path.

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The Becoming of the Buddha:

Having attained enlightenment at the age of 35, the Buddha spent the rest of his days travelling across the northeastern parts of the subcontinent, teaching the path to awakening, and the end of suffering, that he had discovered.

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