About Buddhism in India-Rise and Importance of Buddhist Religion in India

Buddhism in India

India is proud of its association with one of the major religions of world i.e. Buddhism. It was in India that Buddhism born, rose and developed. Unfortunately, the religion also declined in the land of its emergence and development. Here is how Buddhism rose, spread in Asia, declined in India and reemerged.

Rise Spread and Decline of Buddhism in India

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The Growth of Buddhism in India:

After Buddha’s enlightenment and popular acceptance Buddhism took shape of one of the major religions of world. It spread in India as a major religion in place of Hinduism which has become redundant till the time. It got patronage of ruling dynasties of India.

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Spread of Buddhism in Asia:

Since India was a major world attraction and trade and travel was widely developed many foreign visitors and travelers like Fa-Xien and Xuan Zang took it to China spreading thereby to Japan, Cambodia , Laos , Thailand, Myanmar. Gradually Buddhism spread to neighboring countries of Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka under patronage of mighty Mauryan Rulers like Asoka.

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Decline of Buddhism in India:

Buddhism declined in India due to several factors like loss of patronage by great rulers, division in Buddhism i.e. Hinayana and Mahayana and emergence of Tantric Buddhism due to which Buddhism lost appeal among people.

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Reemergence of Buddhism in India:

In 1891, the Sri Lankan native Don David Hewavitarna put his efforts to revive Buddhism by establishing Maha Bodhi Society and making to renovate Buddhist pilgrimage sites by coordinated efforts of world Buddhist community.

Buddhist Tourism in India Buddhist Tourism Buddhist Tourism in India

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