Top 10 Buddhist Monasteries in India

Top 10 Buddhist Monasteries in India

There are over six dozen Buddhist monasteries to be found scattered all over India, and many are worth a visit, but when there are choices in these numbers, some options tend to prove more prudent than others, considering touristic exploration among other things. Some of the best, oldest and most authentic monasteries to be found are in the general regions of what are today the states of Jammu and Kashmir , Himachal Pradesh, and Bihar. There are several noteworthy monasteries to be found in the West Bengal and Sikkim region as well, although more so for their sheer numbers than other accolades.

Jammu and Kashmir:

There are a minimum of 33 monasteries in the state of Jammu Kashmir, given the historical relationship it has shared with Buddhism . Needless to say, this gives rise to a need for further perusal of the options one might want to choose. Some of the most venerated monasteries can be found here, such as the Shey Monastery, the Thikse Monastery, and the Matho Monastery. However, given the sheer number of the monasteries here in total, there are bound to be plenty of exquisite options to leave one spoilt for choice. Some of these are:

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Himachal Pradesh:

There are around 16 monasteries across the Himachal Valley that attract the most attention. Some of these are the Dhankar Monastery, the Kardang Monastery, and the Tashigang Monastery. Others that may catch ones fancy include:

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There are at least eight prominent Buddhist monasteries in Bihar, including the Chinese Temple and Monastery, the Thai Monastery, and the Buddhist monastery of Bhutan. Most of these, however, happen to be in close proximity together and the following are the more illustrious of the lot in terms of cultural value to be gauged

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