Climate and Weather at Ajanta and Ellora Cave Temples

Ajanta and Ellora Caves experience sub-tropical climates. Due to its nearness to sea it experiences moderate climate. Summer, Winter and Monsoon are 3 seasons.

Winters are good for outdoor excursion.

Best Time to Visit Ajanta and Ellora: October-March

Temperature in Ajanta and Ellora: 23°C - 29°C

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Ajanata Caves in Ajanta Ellora ,Maharashtra
Ajanata Caves
 Cave Temples in Ajanta Ellora
Cave Temples

 Ellora Caves in Ajanta Ellora
Ellora Caves

Grishneshwar Temple in Ajanta Ellora
Grishneshwar Temple

AKailashnath Temple in Ajanta Ellora
AKailashnath Temple

Aurangabad Caves in Ajanta Ellora
Aurangabad Caves
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