Nearby Tourist Attractions of Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Aurangabad Caves

These caves are located at a distance of about 9 km from the city of Aurangabad. These caves house the ancient temples of 6th and 8th century A.D. and belong to the Buddhist era.

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It is a mausoleum that was constructed in 17th century. It is located about 8 km away from Aurangabad. Emperor Aurangazeb built this burial ground for his wife Rabia-ud-Durrani. It is an excellent example of Persian architecture.

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It is a water mill that was set up by the Mughal Rulers. This mill was set up in memory of a saint named Baba Shah Muzaffar. It was used to operate large grain grinding stones, which served as flourmills, is an example of the engineering marvel of the 17-century.

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Chatrapati Shivaji Museum

This museum is dedicated to great Maratha Ruler Shivaji. It is around 6 KM from the Aurangabad Railway Station. You can visit here past glory of Maratha Rulers some materials used by Mughal Ruler Aurangzeb and other rulers.

Valley of Sufi Saints

It is located in Khuldabad. It is dedicated to Shaikh Burhanuddin. It is 25 KM from Auragabad. It has shrines of many Sufi saints. Some of the famous mausoleums are of Sayyed Zain ud din Shiraizi, Emperor Aurangzeb, his son Azam Shah and many more persons of eminence. Before reaching there you need to have knowledgeable tourist guide who know nuances of Sufism.

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Other Attractions near Ajanta and Ellora

Among the other attractions in Ajanta Ellora are the Alamgir Dargah, Chini Mahal, Shah Ganj Masjid, Nizamshahi Mahal, Bhadra Maruti and different festivals that are observed each year in the locality.

During the winter months, Ellora Festival of Classical Music and Dance is arranged here by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation. Many famous artists come to Maharashtra during this time of the year to take part in this cultural festival.

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Ajanata Caves in Ajanta Ellora ,Maharashtra
Ajanata Caves
 Cave Temples in Ajanta Ellora
Cave Temples

 Ellora Caves in Ajanta Ellora
Ellora Caves

Grishneshwar Temple in Ajanta Ellora
Grishneshwar Temple

AKailashnath Temple in Ajanta Ellora
AKailashnath Temple

Aurangabad Caves in Ajanta Ellora
Aurangabad Caves View More >>

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