Best Tourist Places of Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh, India

Sanchi is a town best known for the Sanchi stupa, which is one of the best preserved examples of Buddhist stupas.The beginning of the construction of a major monument at the site was in the 3rdcentury BCE, with Ashoka, and the concluding parts of the grand-scale embellishment of the structure came about in the 12th century AD, with the last major installments being the building of the forty-fifth temple and a wall enclosing the entire complex.

The Sanchi Stupas

It is built during a course of 1500 years, from the 3rd century BC to 12 century AD is a testament of Buddhist faith in India. A World Heritage Site houses 3 Stupas, exquisitely carved 4 Gateways and remains of Buddhist Viharas. The most seen and the largest of the Stupas were built by the Great Ashoka.You can visit Sanchi Stupas No.1, 2 and 3, Northern, and Southern, Eastern and Western Gates of Sanchi Stupa. The inscriptions found at the Sanchi stupa 1 have proved vital to the task of deciphering the Brahmi script.

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Sanchi Museum

It is a beautifully preserved Museum down the hillock run by the Archeological Survey of India. The complex is very well maintained. It charges Rs.15/- from the resident Indians and Rs.500/- form the foreigners.It has a good collection of the artifacts from the world famous site of Sanchi stupas and surrounding hills of MP. Most of them are over a 1000 year old, comprising of both Buddhist and Hindu deities and mythologies.

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Udaygiri Caves

These are 1000 to 2000 years old sculptures of different Hindu gods stating various stories about God Vishnu, Shankara etc. Udaygiri is around 1hr drive from Sanchi stupa where you must visit caves.Unfortunately many of the caves have been destroyed with lots of broken statues but still considering the time and the architecture it will leave you wondering about how the things were built so well during that period.

Buddhist Vihara

It is known for the two famous disciples of Lord Buddha. The remains of the two of the Greatest Buddhist Disciples, Sariputta and Mahamogalyayan, whose remains were recovered from Stupa 3 and were taken to England are now in this Buddhist Vihara at Sanchi Hills and are opened for public viewing once in a year. It may be known that these two disciples were the greatest contributor to spread of Buddhism in the times of Buddha and were the dearest to Buddha.

The majestic Ashoka Pillar and the gates depict the beautiful architecture.

Gupta Temple

This Gupta Temple of the 4th Century AD is a masterpiece of not only Gupta period but of Indian Art. Though small it is symmetrical, structurally proportional, restrained in ornamentation but excellent in artistic design and execution. This is situated just near the Southern Gate of Sanchi Stupa, adjacent to the remains of the Ashokan Pillar and has for company the remains of the Greek Temple.

Apart from inverted lotus, at this Temple one can see two Lions sharing same head and can wonder the excellence Indian sculpture had achieved about 1,600 years ago when symmetry had developed to that extent.

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Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi Stupa
Lauria Nandangarh
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