Tourist Attractions in Sarnath Buddhist sites at place of Dharmchakrapravartan, Varanasi, India

Dhamekha Stupa:

Dhamekha Stupa signifies 'the seat of the holy Buddha' and occupies the space of the most prominent structure at Sarnath. This is the spot where the Buddha delivered his first sermon.Its lower part has been beautifully carved with stones. Its Sanskrit name is Dharmarajika Stupa which means ‘Reign of Righteousness.’Dhamekh Stupa is largest monument in Sarnath which is simple yet has immense attraction if you think architecture of contemporary age.

Choukhandi Stupa:

The Choukhandi Stupa is believed to be the place where the Buddha met his five disciples, including his favourite, Anand. Chaukhandi Stupa was built in Gupta Period.It’s of great significance and architectural heritagefor India. It reflects the construction style, sculpture and architecture of Gupta Age. Now it is included in heritage list of Archaeological Survey of India.

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Ashoka 4 Lion Capitol Pillar

Ashoka Pillar is now the National Emblem of India. It was built in memory of conversion and visit of Ashoka in Sarnath. Lion Capitol is the reminder of Mauryan Art and zenith of sculpture.

Sarnath Archaeological Museum:

The Sarnath museum is the proud owner of the Buddhist artifacts, manuscripts, and statues.

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Mulagandha Kuti Vihar:

This vihara is the place where Lord Buddha spent first Rainy Season or Chaumasa after enlightenment. A modern temple is constructed at the place of Mulagandhkuti Vihara by Mahabodhi Society. Frescoes on Vihara are marvelous.

Bodhi Tree:

Bodhi tree is another sacred place for the Buddhists as it originated from the sapling of the Sri Lankan Bodhi tree, which is also a branch of the original Bodhi tree (Bodh Gaya) under which the Buddha attained enlightenment in 528 BCE.

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Deer Park :

Deer Park (Rishipattana) is located in Sarnath. It is place where Lord Buddha in form of Bodhisattva was born. Place is known by different names in Buddhist scriptures. Place has great relevance in Buddhism and revered in Buddhist Mythology.

Ashoka 4 Lion Capital Pillar Sarnath
Ashoka 4 Lion Capital
Bodhi Tree Sarnath
Bodhi Tree Sarnath
Chaukhandi Stupa
Chaukhandi Stupa
Deer Park Sarnath
Deer Park in Sarnath
Dhamekh Stupa
Mulagandha Kuti
Mulagandha Kuti View More >>

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