Top 5 Tourist Attraction in Vaishali, Bihar, India

Ashokan Pillar:

One of the best preserved ones still surviving, perhaps the only one in such pristine a state; the pillar is roughly 18.5 m in height and made of a single slab of red sandstone, with a single Asiatic lion at the top.

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Ananda Stupa

It is dedicated to the most loved disciple of Lord Buddha. Ananda took his Nirvana at this place and Ananda Stupa houses mortal remains of Ananda.

Buddha Stupas:

The Buddha Stupa 1 was to serve as holding places for one seventh of the remains of the Buddha’s ashes. Originally made of brick and not very prominent, it was enlarged on four occasions by the following rulers.

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Kutagarasala Vihara:

This was the monastery where the Buddha resided during his numerous visits to Vaishali, and the remains of an ancient pond can also be seen here. The Ashokan Stupa is located inside this monastery.

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Abhishek Pushkaran

Abhishek Pushkaran also called Coronation Tank has got its name from ancient tradition of Lichhavis. Historically, Abhishek Pushkarn was used to take dip before coronation in royal ceremonies. It was considered sacred in ancient times.

Vaishali has many more sites to offer to the visitors. Raja Vishal’s Garh, Ramchura, Lion Pillar are some other places to visit in Vaishali.

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Abhishek Pushkaran
Ananda Stupa
Ashokan Pillar Vaishali
Buddha Stupas
Kutagarasala Vihara
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