Buddhist Pilgrimages in Bhutan

Tongdosa Temple Korea

In A.D. 747, a Buddhist saint, Padmasambhava (known in Bhutan as Guru Rimpoche and sometimes referred to as the Second Buddha), came to Bhutan from India at the invitation by the king of Chakar Valley, in Bumtha. The king was bed ridden cursed by the local deity after he forgot to worship him. Guru Rinpoche subdued the deity, returned the king’s vital power, and was cured from his illness. After reportedly subduing eight classes of demons and converting the king to Buddhism, Guru Rimpoche has left for Tibet. Today one can still visit the cave where he meditated and left his body print on the rock where kurje temple stands today.

Bhutan is a land blessed by Guru Rinpoche and he hid many treasures to be revealed in future by the treasure discoverer, known as Tertons to help sentient beings. Bhutan has one of the most revered pilgrimages sites in the Tibetan Buddhist world referred as Baye-yul. Paro taksang temple known as the Tiger’s Nest, hanging on the face of a cliff, 3000mts high where it is believed that Guru Rinpoche came flying on the back of Tigress from Khenpa jong, kurtoe and meditated in order to subdue the demon known as Pado. Almost all the famous Tibetan saints visited this site and still today the living Buddhas from all over the world visits Bhutan to vist Paro taksang temple.

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