Boudhnath - UNESCO World Heritage Site — Boudhnath Stupa Buddhist Pilgrimage in Nepal

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General Information about Boudhnath

Boudhnath is UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its ancient heritage. It is merely 6 Km from Capital of Nepal Kathmandu . The official language spoken in Boudhnathis Nepali, and others include, English, Newari, and Awadhi among others. It is near another Buddhist Tourist Site Swayambhunath in Nepal.

Best Time to Visit Boudhnath

Best time to visit Boudhnath would be between September and December, which is the autumn season for Nepal, with a pleasant transition between summer and winter making it the optimal time for touristic exploration.

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How to Reach Boudhnath

Boudhnath is accessible by road and air routes while railway is not a feasible option due to mountainous nature of region. Kathmandu Airport is nearest International Airport which is just 15 Km away. Nautanwa is nearest narrow gauge line whereby you can reach Boudhnath by hiring auto or taxi.

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Tourist Attractions of Boudhnath

Boudhnath is privileged to make its name to UNESCOO World Heritage Site. Boudhnath Stupa attracts millions of Buddhist and Non-Buddhist population from across the world due to its status. There is Taragaon Musuem and Buddhist Monasteries and Nunneriesto explore a lot of Buddhist Traditions, heritage, philosophy and cultural legacy.

Nearby Tourist Attractions Boudhnath

Nearby Tourist Attractions of Boudhnath include Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites of India and Nepal like Bodhgaya , Kapilvastu , Lumbini, Kushinagar, Swayambhunath and Sarnath .

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Weather and Climate of Boudhnath

Boudhnath enjoys summer, winter and monsoon. It falls in sub-tropical climatic zone. So, you can visit here throughout the year. Summer is cool due to its mountainous nature.

Buddhism in Boudhnath

It is said that the first structure that is today the Boudhnath stupa was built after the demise of Kasyapa Buddha, a Buddha that lived much before Shakyamuni Buddha (more popularly known as Lord Gautama Buddha), to enshrine the remains of the great sage.

Above the dome is a cubicle structure which features carvings of the PanchBuddhas (five Buddhas) on each side. Each of these five Buddhas is symbolic in the Tantrayana, and include the following: Vairochana (representative of master of the Temple), Akshobhya (representative of the element of consciousness), RatnaSambhava (representative of the element of sensation), Amitabha (the element of identity), and Amogsiddhi (the element of conformation).

Local Sightseeing of Boudhnath

Boudhnath has a lot to offer to Buddhist Pilgrims and Tourists like Boudhnath Stupa , Monasteries ( Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery , Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery , Shechen Monastery , Dilyak Monastery , Khawalung Monastery , Kopan Monastery ,Thrangu Monastery), Taragaon Museum and various activities.

Festivals to Visit in Boudhnath

Go to Boudhnath during the festival of Losar in February or March, when the community hosts the biggest Tibetan New Year celebration in Nepal. Other busy times are Buddha Jayanti (the Buddha’s birthday), held on the full moon of April–May, when an image of the Buddha is paraded around the stupa aboard an elephant, and the full moon of March–April, when ethnic Tamangs – the original guardians of the stupa – converge here to arrange marriages, and hundreds of eligible brides are sat around the stupa for inspection.

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