Kaushambi Buddhist Pilgrimage in Uttar Pradesh, India

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General Information About Kaushambi

Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
Location 52 Km from Allahabad
Best time to visit October to March
Tourist places to visit Old Kaushambi , Ghositaram Monastery , Ashokan Pillar Inscription , Buddhist Remains, Prabhasgiri
Significance Place of sermon and rainy season stay of Buddha
Nearby Tourist Places Sarnath, Shravasti , Sankisa , Kushinagar , Bodhgaya , Rajgir , Nalanda , Vaishali , Kesaria , Lauria Nandangarh , etc.
Festivals to visit Buddha Purnima , Asalha Day

This small district is 55 km west of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh State of India.Kaushambi finds its first mention in the Mahabharata, as a part of the Kuru Dynasty. Further on in history, during the sixth century, it was one of the most prominent cities in the subcontinent

Best Time to Visit Kaushambi

Best Time to Visit Kaushambi is from October to March which is pleasant winter season and suitable for outdoor activities. You can check live weather forecast here before starting your Kaushambi Tour.

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How to Reach Kaushambi

Kaushambi could be reached by all means of transport i.e. trains, buses and flights. Allahabad is the nearest airport while buses could be taken from Allahabad which is 51 Km away. Kaushambi has a railway Station i.e. Kaushambi city Railway Station. You can aboard local trains from Allahabad to Kaushambi.

Tourist Attractions of Kaushambi

Tourist Attractions of Kaushambi include Ghositaram Monastery, Old Kaushambi which houses many Buddhist Stupa of smaller sizes, Prabhasgiri , Sheetla Temple, Ashokan Pillar Inscriptions dating back to 2nd century BCE.

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Near-by Tourist Attractions Kaushambi

Kaushambi is close to many Buddhist Tourist attractions of India as it falls on Buddhist Circuit Tour of India. You can easily access Shravasti, Sankisa , Sarnath, Kushinagar, Vaishali, Bodhgaya and much other pilgrimage from Kaushambi.

Weather and Climate of Kaushambi

Kaushambi enjoys a fair weather as it lies in plains of India. Most pleasant weather to visit Kaushambi is from October to March. Buddhist Tour in India offers live weather forecast for your convenience before you venture out.

Buddhism in Kaushambi

Lord Buddha travelled to Kaushambi in his sixth year after Enlightenment, and revisited the place three years hence. As true for a lot of the places visited by the Buddha, this was a site for several sermons to have been imparted, lending significance to the sanctity possessed by this land in the past age. The next most influential historical figure to turn his attention to this site was the Emperor Ashoka, who went on to erect one of the many now famous Ashokan Pillars here.

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Local Sightseeing in Kaushambi

Local Sightseeing of Kaushambi includes Ghositaram Monastery, Old Kaushambi which houses many Buddhist Stupa of smaller sizes, Prabhasgiri, Sheetla Temple, Ashokan Pillar Inscriptions.

Festivals to Visit in Kaushambi

Festivals to Visit in Kaushambi are Buddha Purnima , Holi , Diwali and Mahavir Jayanti which are festivals of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

Ashokan Pillar Inscription
Ashokan Pillar
Ghasitaram Monastery
Ghasitaram Monastery
Mughal Garden Kashmir
Mughal Garden Kashmir
Old Kaushambi
Old Kaushambi
Kushinagar View More >>

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