Buddhist Pilgrimages in Korea

Tongdosa Temple Korea

Located on the Korean peninsula in east Asia, Korea is segregated into North and South Korea. Bordering Korea are the countries of China in the northwest (seperated by Yalu river), Russia in the northeast (seperated by Tumen river) and Japan in the southeast. The Yellow Sea borders it in the west, East China Sea in the south and East Sea. The name Korea owes its origin to the Goreyo period of Korean history, which itself is drawn from the ancient kingdom of Goguryeo. The North Koreans call the entire Korea Choson while the South Koreans call it Han-guk.

For tourists, Korea has plethora of attractions in form of sightseeing and activities. It is home to a number of beaches, islands, mountains, valleys, national parks and hot springs which are a real treat for lovers of natural beauty. Similarly, for those interested in culture and history, there are palaces, fortresses, gates, temples and and other religious sites.

Buddhist tourists, too, have a great time visiting and exploring the Buddhist treasures of Korea. There are temples and monasteries that tell a great deal about the past and present of the religion in the country. Also, despite the fact that Confucian tradition is dominant in the country, Buddhism, too, has its influence. In South Korea itself, around 25.3% of population follows Buddhism. This means that you will have plenty of opportunity to interact with the Buddhist community of Korea during your trip.

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