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General information about Sanchi

Country India
State Madhya Pardesh
Location 48 Km from Bhopal
Best time to visit October to March
Tourist places to visit Sanchi Stupa
Significance Sanchi Stupa
Nearby Tourist Places Ajanta Ellora Caves , Sarnath , Bodhgaya, Rajgir , Nalanda , Vaishali , Kesaria ,Lauria Nandangarh etc.
Festivals to visit Buddha Purnima

Sanchi is located in Madhya Pradesh, India, approximately 48 km to north of Bhopal. The use of Hindi is widespread throughout the state, and apart from English, there exist some regional languages, including Marathi, Malvi, and Bundeli. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1989.

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Best time to Visit Sanchi

Best time to visit Sanchi is from October to March.

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How to Reach Sanchi

Sanchi can be accessed by all means of transport from Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh in India. It is just 48 km from Bhopal. You can take a local trains from Bhopal Railway Stationto Sanchi Railway Station from where Sanchi Stupa is 1.2 can also hire buses from Bhopal to Sanchi. Nearest Airport is Bhopal. Taxis for Sanchi regularly operate from Bhopal Airport.

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Tourist Attractions of Sanchi

Tourist attraction Sanchi is Sanchi Stupa; a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Nearby Tourist Attractions Sanchi

Sanchi are Khajuraho, Gwalior, Jaipur , Bandhavgarh National Park , Jhansi and Sarnath .

Weather and Climate of Sanchi

Sanchi experiences summer, winter and monsoon. Winter from October to March is ideal for outdoor activities and exploration of Sanchi Stupa.

Buddhism in Sanchi

The first important entity to put Sanchi on the map was the emperor Ashoka. It was the site where he got married to Devi, who later went on to oversee the task of building a stupa here, since Sanchi also happened to be her birthplace. The original structure built at Ashoka’s command consisted of a brick structure at its centre to commemorate the relics of the Buddha. It was crowned by a parasol like structure symbolic of high rank. The structure also featured one of Ashoka’s famous fine sandstone pillars, featuring inscriptions in Lipi. The pillar is similar to the one found at Sarnath, with four lions at its top facing each of the four directions.

Local Sightseeing Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi is a town best known for the Sanchi stupa, which is one of the best preserved examples of Buddhist stupas, and the second largest one in the

In 1818, General Taylor, of the Bengal Cavalry, brought the Sanchi Stupa into the spotlight as a site of great historical importance. Over the next seven decades, the only attention the Sanchi stupa received was from amateurish archeologists and gold diggers, and it was not until 1881 when an actual restoration effort was undertaken under Sir John Marshall. The restoration was completed by 1913. The bone relics of past Buddhist masters found at the site were claimed as personal trophies by the English archeologists Maisey and Cunningham, and transported back to England.

The inscriptions found at the Sanchi stupa 1 have proved vital to the task of deciphering the Brahmi script.

The beginning of the construction of a major monument at the site was in the 3rdcentury BCE, with Ashoka, and the concluding parts of the grand-scale embellishment of the structure came about in the 12th century AD, with the last major installments being the building of the forty-fifth temple and a wall enclosing the entire complex.

Festivals to Visit in Sanchi

Festivals to Visit in Sanchi are Local Hindu Festivals, Buddha Purnima and Asalha Day.

Sanchi Stupa
Sanchi Stupa
Lauria Nandangarh
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