Best tourist places in Lauria Nandangarh Bihar India

Archaeological Sites of Lauria Nandangarh

Lauria Nandangarh has great significance for the historians as the place has archaeological findings of immense relevance.

It is the place where Asokan Pillar Edict has been discovered.

Besides, there are several other findings which reveal the history of Lauria Nandangarh.

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Description of the Asokan Pillar Edict at Lauria Nandangarh

Asokan Pillar Edict contains the inscriptions in clear and beautifully cut Brahmi characters of Asokan Times. It is fine example of Mauryan Architecture. It is one of the rare polished stone pillars. It is a single block of polished sandstone over 32 feet (10 m) high. The top is bell-shaped with a circular abacus. Geese, perched on Lotus Flower are supporting the lion Capitol. It requires renovation and conservation as time has deteriorated much of its glory.

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Other Archaeological Findings at Lauria Nandangarh:

  • Birch manuscripts
  • Brahmi inscriptions on pillar edicts
  • Gold Figurine of Female
  • Number of animal and human figurines in the Shunga and Kushana expression.
  • Punch marked coins
  • Cast copper coins
  • Terracotta sealing of the 2nd and 1st century B.C.
  • Iron objects

Thus, visiting Lauria Nandangarh especially to intellectual tourists would give immense pleasure and insight into the history.

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