Ullambana-Traditional Buddhist Festivals in India

Ullambana :-

This is a festival that strives to relieve aching souls from suffering. It is believed that on this day, the gates of Hell open, and the dead are allowed to visit their loved ones on earth.

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History of Ullambana Festival in India :-

Originally, it was an Indian festival for Buddhist meant to celebrate a day of joy in the Buddha’s life, as gathered from scriptures of the time, the cause of which was the large number of his disciples that attained enlightenment during this period, that is, the seventh lunar month. However, by the fourth century, Chinese translations of Buddhist texts recording the actions of a disciple named Maudgalyayana based on the Buddha’s advice towards the liberation of his mother’s soul, the dates of which happened to coincide with the Buddha’s day of joy had resulted in the development of a powerful tradition in China far more widespread than the Indian counterpart, as a result of which, the festival is celebrated with a lot more flair and greater aplomb in China , Malaysia and Japan as compared to that observed in India, the celebrations of which are beautiful nonetheless.

It mostly comes in August or September month as per English calendar.

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Ullambana Date 2015 :-

Commemorated with immense devotion and magnificence, the Ullambana festival is observed for fifteen days in the seventh month of the Buddhist lunar calendar. The celebrations begin on the 15th day of the month known as Ghost Day and continue for the next fifteen days. Thus, the seventh month is generally referred to as the Ghost Month in the Chinese tradition. The legend of Ullambana takes one back to the time of Gautama Buddha where he instructed his disciple Maudgalyayana for obtaining liberation for his mother who was reborn into a lower realm. It was due to Maudgalyayana's offerings made to the Sangha on the 15th day of the seventh month that his mother achieved salvation and gained a human birth.

Ullambana 2015: Friday Aug 28.

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