Tourist places of interest near Vaishali, Bihar, India

Rajgir :

About a 100 km from Vaishali, this was where the first Buddhist council was held after the Buddha attained mahaparinirvana.

Patna :

Capital of the Magadha Empire and at the time named Pataliputra, Patna is around 50 km from Vaishali, and also happens to be the site of the third Buddhist council.

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Kesaria :

Kesaria Called Kesaputta at the time of the Buddha, Kesaria is the home of the 104-feet stupa, which was even taller before, scaling a height of 123 feet, before an earthquake caused the base to sink into the ground. It was built by the Licchavis, like most of the noteworthy architecture in the area.

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Nalanda :

Nalanda is another archeological site which was centre of Buddhist learning. You can explore here ancient Nalanda University and other excavated sites.

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Abhishek Pushkaran
Ananda Stupa
Ashokan Pillar Vaishali
Buddha Stupas
Kutagarasala Vihara
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