Tourist Attractions in Sankisa, Uttar Pradesh, India

Although there are few sites still preserved well enough to qualify as significant remains of past glory, the pillar installed here by Ashoka to mark the site of the Buddha’s decent can still be found here, an elephant mounted on top of it, although the centuries have not been very kind to it.

Other places of interest are:

Buddha Temple

Sankisa also spelt Sankasya has Lord Buddha Temple. It is reminder of the place where Lord Buddha in the form of Bodhisattva appeared on earth from heaven (Tushita Heaven as mentioned in Buddhist Scriptures and Pali Texts). Place is considered to be same where Lord Buddha descended from heaven after preaching Abhidhamma to his mother Maya Devi.

Buddha temple is witness to large crowds on Buddhist Festivals like Buddha Purnima. Many monks and Buddhist pilgrims arrive here to explore the sanctity and antecedent of place. Here one can also look for ancient artifacts which have been discovered in excavations.

Maya Devi Temple

Maya Devi Temple is built to pay reverence to Maya Devi; mother of Buddha. It is believed that Buddha preached his first sermon to Maya Devi in heaven and descended on earth at this site.

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Hindu Temples

Hindu Temples of Lord Brahma, Bisari Devi and other gods and goddesses that appears to have been built on the ruins of a stupa are believed to have been constructed in later ages.

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Sri Lankan Buddhist School

It was established by Sri Lankan monks in the 1960s. Sri Lankan Buddhist monk had established this Buddhist school in a gesture for Buddhist learning. Many children and even adult get a lot here about Buddhist Philosophy and other traditions.

Ashokan Elephant Pillar

Ashokan Pillar was constructed by Emperor Ashoka the Great. It is built in memory of Maya Devi’s Dream. It is a mythological fact that Maya Devi mother of Buddha had a dream on conception of an elephant. The elephant is believed to represent the same. Ashokan Elephant Pillar is also a representative of Ashokan Art and Sculpture. It is a fine specimen of Ashokan sculptural craftsmanship.

There a many other tourist attractions in Sankisa. Buddha Purnima Fair is one such attraction. Many rituals of Buddhist Traditions attract pilgrims from across the world to Sankisa.

Buddhist Tour in India offers Buddhist Pilgrimage Package for visiting Sankisa.

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Asokan Bull Pillar inscription
Asokan Bull Pillar
Lauria Nandangarh
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