Tourist Attractions of Swayambhunath-Tourist Places in Nepal

Though much devastation took place during 2015 Earthquake of Nepal much of the Swayambhunath has remained safe. Here is a list of tourist sites to visit in Svayambhunath many of which got a makeover after earth quake.

The Vajra (Lightning Bolt)-Vajradhatu Mandala

At the top of the stairs after reaching up you will find impressive gilt vajra in the form of Mandal of Manjushri Buddha. This is a gilded Vajra.

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Swayambhunath Stupa

The main Swayambhunaht Stupa is the massive stupa which has giant eyes. Commoners call them eyes of Buddha gazing in all directions. Common belief is that they are protectors of Swayambhunath place. People chant Buddhist hymns by turning wheels which are there to bring good fortune.

5 Shrines around Swayambhunath

When walking around the stupa clockwise, one passes five shrines symbolizing the mandala of the Five Buddha families, represented by;

  • Akshobhya
  • Ratnasambhava
  • Amitabha
  • Amoghasiddhi
  • Vairocana

These 5 bodhisattava are believed to be representative of Vasupura (earth) Vayupura (air), Nagpura (water), Agnipura (fire), and Shantipura (sky).

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Swayambhu Buddhist Museum

Though bore damage in 2015 earthquake Buddhist Museum is an open museum for all. You can explore here statues and other artifacts found around Svayambhunath Stupa over time.

Hariti Temple or Ajima Temple

Hariti is the Goddess of Creation. She is also called by different name of Ajima. So, it is believed that Hariti cures children from smallpox. It is said that she was an ogress before Lord Buddha converted her to be the caretaker of all children.

Photography is not allowed inside the temple though you can take outside view. It is a Newari Style temple and looks picturesque with its beauty.

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Shakyamuni Buddha (Dīpankara Buddha)

Shakyamuni Buddha Temple is located behind the Hariti Temple. There in a red brick alcove standing tall and a black stone Buddha. It is image of Siddhartha Gautama which is carved from a single piece of stone around 7th Century AD. It is a fine example of sculpture and Nepal’s heritage.

Pratappur and Anantpur Temple

Pratappur Temple is tall white temple in front of the monastery has been rebuilt several times. The temple opposite it is Anantapur Temple. It was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake but is due for reconstruction.

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Shantipur (Sky Element) Temple

Shantipur Temple is built in memory of Vajrayana priest Shantikaracharya. It is believed that Shantikaracharya was so spiritually powerful that he used to command supernatural powers and even gods. So, whenever any calamity came in Kathmandu kings sought blessing of the priest and he brought a remedy. Due to his miracles Kathmandu valley flourished over time.

Other things to see in Swayambhunath

  • The Sleeping Buddha
  • The Dewa Dharma Monastery, noted for a bronze icon of Buddha and traditional Tibetan paintings

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