Shravasti Buddhist Pilgrimages in Uttar Pradesh India

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General Information about Shravasti

Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
Location 175 Kms from Lucknow
Best time to visit October to March
Tourist places to visit Jetavana Vihara, Anand Bodhi Tree , Monasteries
Significance Lord Buddha Spent maximum time of 25 years here
Nearby Tourist Places Varanasi , Kushinagar , Allahabad and Kaushambi ,Agra

Location of Shravasti

Shravasti is located in Uttar Pradesh, India, in the Devipatan Division. The geographical setting of Shravasti has always made it a land for great potential.

How to reach Shravasti

Shravasti is accessible from different locations. There are many ways to reach Shravasti. You can choose any of them. Trains, auto-rickshaws and buses operate regularly for Shravasti. Nearest airports are Lucknow and Agra Airports.

Best time to visit Shravasti

Though you can visit Shravasti throughout the year, it is best to visit Shravasti from October to March. Extreme weather conditions like Loo and Cold Waves should be avoided.

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Weather and Climate of Shravasti

Shravasti is in plains of India and lies in sub-tropical region. So it experiences summer winter and monsoon. Extreme summers are unpleasant while monsoon is associated with many festivals in India.

Tourist places to visit in Shravasti

Shravasti has many places to visit. It includes archeological sites, pilgrimage places of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, architectural specimen, festivals, temples, vihara, caves and many more. To name some you can add

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Nearby places to visit near Shravasti

Nearby tourist places to visit near Shravasti are Kushinagar, Varanasi , Sankasya, Lucknow , Agra, Allahabad, Kaushambi and Bodhgaya . Most of the places near Shravasti are just a few hundred kilometers. Shravasti is directly connected in Buddhist Trail of India.

Festivals to visit in Shravasti

Shravasti being a major Buddhist pilgrimage attracts millions of Buddhist pilgrims from across the world. Buddha Purnima, Asalha Dayand many other major Buddhist festivals.

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Buddhism in Shravasti

Buddha spent the maximum amount of his time in the duration after attaining Nirvana. He spent 25 years here. As a result, more than 850 suttas where delivered here, making it a site of prime importance to both, Buddhist developmental history, as well as Buddhist pilgrims. It was also here that the Buddha supposedly performed miracles for fifteen days upon being challenged by the leading authorities on the six major schools of philosophy dominant in the country at the time. These miracles are said to include acts such as the sprouting of a bountiful tree from a toothpick the Buddha placed into the ground. The most glorious of all of these was when supposedly eighty four thousand rays of light burst forth, one from each pore of the Buddha’s skin. At the tip of each of these rays of light was a lotus, and resting on that lotus a Buddha, expounding the Dharma. It is said that the ninety thousand people gathered there by the six heretic representatives of the different schools of philosophy were instantaneously convinced of the Buddha’s divinity and joined the monkhood on the spot. It is also believed the heretics fled the scene of the miracles shortly after they began.

Local Sightseeing in Shravasti

Local Sightseeing in Shravasti includes Saheth, Maheth , KacchiKuti, PakkiKuti, Angulimal Caves, Anathpindika Cave,Anand Bodhi Tree, Jetavan Viharaand Buddhist Monastery. There are many other ancient archeological places, ancient temples and other pilgrim spots in Shravasti.

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Anandha Bodhi Tree Shravasti
Anathapindika Stupa Shravasti
Angulimala Stupa Shravasti
Jetavana Vihara
Maheth Shravasti
Monasteries Shravasti View More >>

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