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Sarnath is about 200 KM far from Kaushambi. It is the first sermon place of Lord Buddha . You can explore here Deer Park (Rishipattana), Dhamek Stupa , Chaukhandi Stupa , Mulagandh Kuti and Sarnath Archeological Museum which houses all important findings of Sarnath.


Allahabad 60km away from Kaushambi sits Allahabad, a place of immense importance to Hindu pilgrims. This is where the supposedly holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna meet. There are several noteworthy sights here, like the Allahabad temple , and an Ashokan Pillar

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Varanasi approximately 150 km to the west of Kaushambi lays Varanasi, another site of great reverence in terms of Hindu pilgrimage. The ghats and the Ganges are assigned such divinity here, that ‘puja’ and ‘daan-dakhsin’ practices can be observed being carried out all year round with unwavering zest.


Sankisa is ancient place of Buddhist pilgrimage where Lord Buddha descended from heaven to earth. It has ancient Buddha Temple , Asokan Elephant Pillar , Sri Lankan Buddhist School and monasteries..

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Shravasti is place where Lord Buddha performed miracles. Place has an ancient monastery. Place offers Mulagandhkuti, Kachhi Kuti and Pakki Kuti, Jetvana Vihara and Anand Bodhi Tree for visitors.

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Ashokan Pillar Inscription
Ashokan Pillar
Ghasitaram Monastery
Ghasitaram Monastery
Mughal Garden Kashmir
Mughal Garden Kashmir
Old Kaushambi
Old Kaushambi
Kushinagar View More >>

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