Best Tourist places nearby Shravasti in Uttar Pradesh, India

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Allahabad is the Triveni Sangam of 3 rivers. It is ancient pilgrimage of not only Hinduism but diverse communities from across India. Known for its AardhKumbha and Mahakumbha it is place of MaghMela held yearly on banks of Ganges and Yamuna.


Kaushambi is Buddhist Pilgrimage near Allahabad. It has many Buddhist Monasteries, temples and excavated heritage of ancient times. It houses Asokan Pillar Inscription.

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Sankasya is a Buddhist Pilgrimage in Uttar Pradesh. Place has many Buddhist cultural places and historical sites.


Approximately 280 km from Sravasti , Varanasi is one of the most important sites in the entire country for Hindu pilgrimage, so much so, that ritualistic practices and offerings are in full swing all year long in this part of India.

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Around 240 km away from Sravasti, Kushingar is the site of the Buddha’s last sermon and consequent attainment of Mahaparinirvana, and hence, of tremendous importance to Buddhist pilgrims, and in fact, one of the only four places intended by the Buddha himself to serve as sites for future pilgrimage.


It is the capital city of state of Uttar Pradesh. Known for many medieval and Mughal Period buildings city is famed as ‘City of Nabobs.’ It has a lot to offer from cuisines to tourist spots. You can explore city during day and thereby more to Shravasti.


It is home to the wonder of world Taj Mahal. City is near many other tourist places like Mathura and Sankasya.

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Anandha Bodhi Tree Shravasti
Anathapindika Stupa Shravasti
Angulimala Stupa Shravasti
Jetavana Vihara
Maheth Shravasti
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