Alchi (Buddhist Monastery in Jammu Kashmir )

Alchi Monastery Alchi Monastery also known as Alchi Choskhor, this is one of the oldest monasteries in the Ladakh region, and also the only one to be built on flat ground. It was founded by Rinchen Zangpo, one of the most influential translators of the 10th century and greatly responsible for the spread of Buddhist ideas further east. However the oldest artefacts found here can be traced back to no earlier than the mid 12th century. This monastery is particularly rich in Buddhist art and architecture. One of the two temples houses a 14.5 ft tall figure of the Maitreya Buddha, flanked by a white Avalokiteshvara to the left and the figure of Manjushri to the right. Murals depicting the Buddha can be found all over the monastery, through the entrances (of which there are three), in the walls of the assembly hall, in the two temples, and more, and provide a distinctive history of later embellishments added after the construction of the original structure, as can be observed from the varying styles found in the same site.

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