Nearby Tourist places to visit in Bodhagaya, Bihar, India


Gaya and Barabar cave are two of the major attractions near the holy place of Bodhgaya. Gaya is a place of religious sanctity for the Hindus and lies 12 kilometers from Bodh Gaya between Pretshila and Ramshila hills. It has a large number of the Buddhist temples.

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Barabar caves

The Barabar caves are 32 kilometers away from Bodhgaya and present a vivid picture of the Buddhist architecture.

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Rajgir is ancient capital of Maurya Dynasty of ancient India. It has many archaeological sites and museum. Place is best for visitors who are interested in cultural heritage sites. Place is also known for Rajgir Mahotsavaor Rajgir Dance Festival.


Nalanda is ancient seat of learning in India. It was ruined in Muslim invasion. Chinese visitors Fa-Hien and ZuenXang visited Nalanda. Place has museum and is included as archeological site of India

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Patna is ancient capital of Maurya Dynasty. It is well known as present capital of India. It is situated along River Ganges. Chhat Festival is held yearly in Patna with romp.

Varanasi – Sarnath

Varanasi – Sarnath in Varanasi is about 280 KM far from Bodhgaya. Sarnath is the place where Lord Buddha delivered his first sermon in Deer park.

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