Nearby Tourist Places of Rajgir, Bihar India


Bodhgaya is the most important pilgrimage site near Rajgir. It is the place of enlightenment of Lord Buddha.


Nalanda 15 km from Rajgir sit the ruins of the famous Nalanda University which was founded in the 5th century, and where the remains of several monasteries and temples can still be identified.

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Kushinagar (Pawapuri)

Kushinagar (Pawapuri) This is the site where the great founder of Jainism , Mahavir, passed away, thus attaining Mahaparivarna . It is located approximately 33 km from Rajgir.

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Patna is ancient capital of many mighty rulers of India. It is the capital city of state of Bihar in India. Best time to visit Patna is during Chhat Festival.


Vaishali is ancient capital city of Vajji Mahajanpada. It has many ancient ruins. It was visited by Lord Buddha so has immense importance for Buddhist pilgrims.

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