Kapilvastu Childhood Home of Buddha Buddhist Pilgrimages in Nepal

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General Information about Kapilvastu

Country Nepal
State Western Region of Nepal
Location Indo-Nepal border in the Dhaulagiri, Gandaki and Lumbini Zone
Best time to visit October to March
Tourist places to visit Kapilvastu Kingdom complex , Tilaurakot Complex , Lumbini Garden
Significance Lord Buddha spent 29 years of His early life
Nearby Tourist Places Bodhgaya, Gaya , Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali . Kesaria , Lauria Nandangarh , Varanasi , Kushinagar etc.
Festivals to visit Buddha Mahotsava

Kapilvastu is located in Western region of Nepal, approximately 55km west of Lumbini by road. The languages spoken in this general region are Hindi, Nepali, and English.

Best Time to Visit Kapilvastu

Best Time to Visit Kapilvastu is from October to March as it is the most pleasant weather for outdoor activities.

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How to Reach Kapilvastu

Kapilvastu is accessible by road rail and air transport. Best means to transport are roads. Nearest airport is Kathmandu and Bhairahawa. You can also visit from Gorakhpur through Indian Territory. Regular Buses and flights from Delhi , Patna , Bodhgaya are available for Kapilvastu.

Tourist Attractions of Kapilvastu

Kapilvastu is Childhood Home of Lord Buddha where he spent 29 years of his early life before Mahabhinishkramana (Leaving of Home by Buddha). Places has many attractions related to life of Lord Buddha like Lumbini Garden complex, Kapilvastu Kingdom Complex , Tilaurakot Fort , Tilaurakot Museum, Gotihawa , Araurakot, Kundan , Niglihawa and Sagarahawa .

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Nearby Tourist Attractions Kapilvastu

Nearby Tourist Attractions to Kapilvastu include many tourist sites of Buddhism in India and Nepal. To name some most important places nearby Kapilvastu; Lumbini, Boudhnath, Svayambhunath, Bodhgaya , Kushinagar , Kesaria, Nalanda , Rajgir, Vaishali, Nandangarhand many more. Buddhist Tour in India offers Best Buddhist Tour for Buddhist Pilgrimage in India and Nepal.

Weather and Climate of Kapilvastu

Kapilvastu is located in Himalayas. So, weather remains cool throughout the year. Winters are pleasant except in months of heavy snow fall. Kapilvastu also experiences rain and summer.

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Buddhism in Kapilvastu

It is generally agreed that it was the place where Lord Buddha spent the first three decades of his life in princely luxury before he ventured out.Pali texts, place the origin of Kapilvastu two centuries before the life of the Buddha, having been built by the students of the great philosopher Kapila.

It was the centre of the Shakya kingdom, of which the Buddha’s father, KingShudhodhan was the ruler. It was also here, in Kapilvastu that the Buddha, at the time, of course, simply Siddhartha, encountered what is popularly referred to as the Four Great Sights, that is, an old man, a sick man, a corpse, and finally an ascetic.

Local Sightseeing

Local Sightseeing in Kapilvastu includes many places like forts, palaces, gardens related to Lord Buddha. Many historical sites have been unearthed in Kapilvastu dating back to the time of Lord Buddha. Some special sites include Kapilvastu Kingdom complex , Tilaurakot complex , Lumbini Garden Complex .

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Festivals to Visit in Kapilvastu

Buddha Mahotsava is special event to be participated which attracts large gatherings of Buddhist Community in its festive fold.

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