How to Reach Kushinagar Air, Road and Rail Transport in Uttar Pradesh India

Kushinagar could be accessed by all means of transport like airways, roadways and railways.


Nearest airport to Kushinagar is Gorakhpur which is 51 kms away. Next nearest domestic airport is Varanasi which is 230 Km from Kushinagar. Patna is another alternate airport near Kushinagar which is 212 Km..

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Though Kushinagar has a Railway Station of its own Gorakhpur is the closest and most accessible Railway Station to Kushinagar which is just 51 Km from place and is well connected to most major rail routes of the country. You can take trains from Gorakhpur to Kushinagar Railway Station.

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Kushinagar town is rather well connected by road to the more prominent areas of Gorakhpur, approximately 52 km away. Plenty of buses are available at regular intervals and a bus ride to Kushinagar from Gorakhpur takes around two hours on an average.

You can also take buses from Varanasi (230 KM), Patna (215 KM) and Bodhgaya (370 KM).

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