Must visit Tourist places in Kapilvastu Nepal Asia

Tilaurakot Complex

Tilaurakot Complex has 2 buildings i.e. Tilaurakot Fort which is believed to be the forth where Lord Buddha was born and brought up. Here is the famous palace of Shakya Clan king Shuddhodana and father of Gautama Buddha.

Place excavated and many archeological findings have been unearthed. Archeological evidences show that place was palace in 7th BCE means at the time of Buddha.

It also has another building Tilaurakot Museum. Museum has many valuable findings from excavations which are supposed to be used by Lord Buddha.

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Kapilvastu Kingdom Complex

Kapilvastu Kingdom Complex has many places full with monasteries, ancient ruins, pillars, inscriptions and much more.

Lumbini Garden

Lumbini Garden is a Garden Complex with many monasteries and natural beauty. It is the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Some of the must visit places in Kapilvastu also include:

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Gotihawa is home of Krakuchanda Buddha. The place has ruins of ancient habitation, stupas and monasteries. The place was visited by Ashoka in whose memory an Ashokan Pillar stands.


Araurakot is home of kanakmuni Buddha. It has many ancient mounds which are believed to have ruins of times of Buddha.

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Kundan has large structural ruins of monasteries and stupas with a tank nearby. This is considered the historical site where Lord Buddha, returning after many years preached his father, Śuddhodana, and converted to Buddhism.


Niglihawa identified as ancient town of Sobhawati, birthplace of KanakmuniBuddha. There exists an Ashokan Pillar which is testimony of visit of Emperor Ashoka. Pillar is in Brahmi Script which also bore Devanagari Script.


Sagarhawa is place of rare finding of casket and other antiquities.

Best things to do in Kapilvastu

Kapilvastu is best suitable for village tour. You can enjoy here diverse flora and fauna. Explore here village life in lap of Himalayas, agriculture patterns, way of life, dietary habits of people, social gatherings and much more.

Buddhist Tour in India offers Kapilvastu Day Tour and Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour to Kapilvastu.

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