Best Tourist Attractions at Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini, Nepal Asia

Mayadevi Temple

Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of the Mayadevi Temple is that scholars insist it was built on the foundation of more than one previous temple, and perhaps even the Stupa placed there by Ashoka came before the temple which has been excavated. Inside the temple there was found a sandstone sculpture depicting this very temple and the birth of the Buddha. To the south of the temple is the Puskarni bathing pool, where Mayadevi is believed to have bather before the birth, and where the Buddha had his first bath.

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The Ashokan Pillar

This was unearthed in 1896, and the inscription explains it to have been built on Ashoka’s visit to Lumbini in 249 BCE. It serves as authentication to the claim of Lumbini being the birth place of the Buddha, and is one of the few pieces of irrefutable evidence substantiating the prominence of the little Himalayan town in the context of Buddhism and Buddhist pilgrimage. Close to the pillar flows a river locally called ‘Ol’. A 1996 expedition under the waters of this river revealed a “flawless stone”, also placed there by Ashoka during the same visit, supposedly to denote the precise location of birth of the Buddha.

World Peace Pagoda

World Peace Pagoda was constructed by Japanese Buddhists. It is located outside the main compound, but easily accessible by bike. The shining golden statue depicts the Buddha in the posture he assumed when he was born.

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Eternal Peace Flame

This flame is built in a very nice location next to a reflection pool and with a view of the world peace pagoda in the backdrop. It is a nice place to take pictures. I wonder how the flame will be covered when it rains. You need to walk a bit from the information center to see this attraction.

Lumbini Museum

Tucked away at the northern end of the compound, this museum is devoted to the life of the Buddha, with artefacts and photos from Buddhist sites around the world. This site has many findings from the excavations of Lumbini.

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Kudan Stupa

It is a beautiful protected garden area with large structural ruins of monasteries and stupas and with a tank nearby. This is considered the historical site where Lord Buddha, returning after many years preached, and where his father, Śuddhodana, was converted to Buddhism.

Myanmar Golden Temple

The Myanmar Golden Temple is one of the oldest structures in the compound. There are three prayer halls – the most impressive is topped by a corncob-shaped tower, styled after the temples of Bagan. Within the temple grounds is the Lokamani Pula Pagoda, a huge gilded stupa in the southern Burmese style, inspired by Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

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Lumbini Crane Sanctuary

The wetlands surrounding the World Peace Pagoda are protected as a crane sanctuary and you stand a good chance of seeing rare Sarus Cranes stalking through the fields. There’s no formal entrance to the sanctuary and no admission fee – just stroll into the damp meadows behind the pagoda. It is likely that you can spot here many migratory cranes and birds flying in beautiful colors making sky vibrant.

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Dae Sung Shakya Korean Temple

It is an imposing Buddha Temple made in Korean Architectural Style. In front of it is Chinese Monastery located across road. These are must visit sites to praise architecture and grandeur.

Chinese Maitreya Temple

Chinese Maitreya Temple also called China Temple has Chinese Maitreya Buddha Statue from Xuedou Mountain in east China's Zhejiang Province. Architecture of Chinese Maitreya Buddha Temple is captivating with neat carvings and fine construction.

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