Tourist Attractions in Rajgir, Bihar India

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Griddhakuta (Vulture’s Peak)

Loosely translated, the name means “Vulture’s Hill”, or “Vulture’s Peak”. The Japanese Buddhist Sangha constructed the monumental Shanti Stupa atop this hill in memory of the historical significance it holds. it was here that two immensely important sermons were delivered among many others: the Lotus Sutta and the Prajnaparamita.

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Saptaparni Caves

Itis famous as place of First Buddhist Council(483 BC) where Sutta Pitaka (By Anand) and Vinaya Pitaka (By Upali) was compiled. It is a world known Buddhist Pilgrimage.

Cyclopean Wall

It is the remains of the former Royalty of Magadh Empire. Once the wall was at the length of 40 km. It was built during the reign of the Maurya dynasty (4-2 centuries BC), Emperor Ashoka belonged to this dynasty. These stone walls made with mortar were made thousands of years ago by the Mauryan kings. They originally encompassed the whole Rajgir area.

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Bimbisar jail

Bimbisar Jail was the place where Ajatshatru (the son of Bimbisar) imprisoned him following inheritance dispute.

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Ajatshatru Fort

Not much has remained of this fort built in 6th century. It was built by great Mauryan Emperor Ajatshatru.

Huen Tsang Memorial Hall

Huen Tsang Memorial Hall is built by Chinese in memory of Chinese travelerHuen Tsang (Xuan Zang).He visited at the time of Harshavardhana in 635 AD and holds a vivid account of life in India at that time. It holds a statue of Xuan Zang. He was a student of Nalanda University for several years and carried many valuable Buddhist manuscripts to China.

Venuvana Kalandakanivapa

This was a monastery built by king Bimbisara as his first offering to Lord Buddha. An artificial forest, it was intended for the facilitation of meditation and peace.

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Vishwa Shanti Stupa

A magnificent white structure at the peak of the hill, the Shanti Stupa features four gold statues depicting the birth, enlightenment, teaching and death of the Buddha.

Hot Springs

These are sacred for Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists. The springs are also believed to have medicinal properties that assist in battling skin ailments. Located at the foot of the Vaibhava Hill, they lead onto several temples and bifurcated sites to serve as bathing places for the two sexes. The hottest spring is called the Brahmakund, and has an average temperature of forty five degrees.

Pippala Cave

Beyond the hot springs, higher up on the mountain, there sits a stone forged (entirely by the course of nature) into a perfect rectangular shape. There are theories to suggest it was used as a watch tower. There is certain evidence of it being a favorite of the pious hermit, hence the name Pippala Cave.

Chariot Route

The locals attribute the inexplicable markings on the rock to the Mahabharata and the two parallel furrows that are cut into the rock, spanning about thirty five feet, are said to have been burnt into the rock by the sheer force of Lord Krishna’s speeding chariot.

Jain Temples

There are more than two dozen Jain temples to be found in the hills, the accessibility to which, however, may prove challenging for some.

Some other sites to visit in Rajgir are Swarn Bhandar, Yesthivana, and Hot Spring.

Bimbisar jail
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