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Jetavana Vihara:

This is the holy site of where the Buddha resided for more than two decades. It is said that the park was covered with gold coins by a rich merchant as an offering to the Buddha, who then used the coins to build the Vihara where he and his followers would live for twenty five years. Inside the Vihara, there is the Ananda Bodhi Tree.

Anathapindika's Stupa

Anathpindika means the feeder of the orphans. Anathpindika was the richest person and blind follower of Lord Buddha. It is believed that he was the biggest donor. There are legends associated with the name of Anathpindika who is praised generously in Buddhist Scriptures and Texts.

Angulimala's Stupa

It is dedicated to notorious dacoit Angulimal. Angulimal means one who wears garland of fingers. It is believed that whenever dacoit killed a passer-by he used to cut his fingers and tie it into his garland. Later dacoit Angulimal changes his heart from wicked to kind after coming in touch of Buddha. Angulimal cave is also known as PakkiKuti.


Sahethis near Maheth in Shravasti. It has gained prominence as Buddhist pilgrimage after excavations revealed that it was the original site of once Jetavana Monastery. A colossal statue of the Buddha was also found here during the excavation that was surprisingly in healthy state. It was later transferred to Calcutta Museum. Place has a stupa containing relics of Buddha which is yet to be found in excavations.


It is the place of Ancient Shravasti City. It is place of ancient Shobnath Temple. Archeological excavations have been found to prove the existence of a glorious city. KachhiKuti and PakkiKuti are 2 shrines. It is believed that these were earlier a Buddhist Stupa before they were converted into Hindu shrines.

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Anandha Bodhi Tree:

Originally a branch of the Maha Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya , under which the Buddha attained Nirvana , it went on to grow into a magnificent tree that has over the centuries assumed an aura of inherent divinity, from the time when the Buddha himself sat and meditated under this tree.

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The Chinese , Burmese, Sri Lankan , and Thai monasteries are all located within close vicinity of the Jetavana Vihara. These offer the facilitation of many Buddhist practices and meditation.

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Anandha Bodhi Tree Shravasti
Anathapindika Stupa Shravasti
Angulimala Stupa Shravasti
Jetavana Vihara
Maheth Shravasti
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